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Dry Land

July 18-August 4

Light Manufacturing (121 Cassidy Point Drive, Portland, ME)

A tender, acerbic, and eerily prescient play. Set largely in the girl’s locker room of a Florida high school, DRY LAND follows a group of teen girls on the threshold of adulthood. They grapple with uncertainty about the future, and test the mettle of their bonds with each other as major life experience begins to take hold. An unexpected pregnancy raises the prospects of abortion.

By Ruby Rae Spiegel

Directed by Taylor Reynolds


Portland Theater Festival presents an annual summer season of diverse, inclusive, and exceptional professional theater across the city of Portland, Maine. Locally staffed and incubated, PTF offers cutting edge performances in intimate and found spaces with the aim of promoting a more mindful, more compassionate, and more harmonized community in Maine.

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