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Body Awareness

Annie Baker

It’s Body Awareness Week on a Vermont college campus and partners Phyllis and Joyce are hosting one of the guest artists in their home: Frank, a photographer famous for his female nude portraits. His physical presence, along with his chosen subject, threatens to unravel the home order. Phyllis is furious at his depictions, while Joyce is intrigued, going so far as to contemplate posing herself. Meanwhile, Joyce’s adult son, who may or may not have autism spectrum disorder, struggles to express himself physically – with heartbreaking results.

Body Awareness is a gentle and hilarious examination of intimacy, self-expression, and the human body.

Body Awareness


  • Joyce — Moira Driscoll *

  • Phyllis — Courtney Cook

  • Frank — Whip Hubley

  • Jared — Parker Hough


  • Artistic Director: Dave Register

  • Director: Sally Wood

  • Executive Director: Ian Bannon

  • Associate Artistic Director: Sally Wood

  • Casting Director: Kendall Cooper

  • Production Stage Manager: Lauren Stockless

  • Managing Director: Jennifer London

  • Festival Coordinator: AP Nuri

  • Set Design: Peter Bloom and Connor Perry

  • Lighting Design: Remy Dickinson

  • Sound Design: Matt Kennedy

  • Costume Design: Lily Prentice

  • Prop Design: Hollie Pryor

  • Assistant Stage Manager: Mallory Topel

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