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Sylvan Oswald

When Pony, a formerly incarcerated trans guy, moves to a small rural town to start a new life, he quickly becomes entangled with its isolated community. He starts to fall for a waitress named Marie who is obsessed with a recent local murder; His butch social worker doesn't get him; and a young trans guy from the city is inexplicably following him around. Pony is a seminal work of trans theater exploring questions of generational difference, class and gender on an epic scale. Director Jess Barbagallo's production crackles with pop, noir, and 90s influences.



  • Pony — Ian-Meredythe Lindsey

  • Marie — Michela Micalizio

  • Heath — Sampson Spadafore

  • Stell — Megan Cross

  • Cav — Diana Stokke


  • Artistic Director: Dave Register

  • Executive Director: Ian Bannon

  • Associate Artistic Director: Sally Wood

  • Indimacy Choreography: Leo Mock

  • Production Stage Manager: Lauren Stockless

  • Managing Director: Jennifer London

  • Festival Coordinator: AP Nuri

  • Casting Director: Kendall Cooper

  • Set Design: Peter Bloom and Connor Perry

  • Lighting Design: Seifallah Salotto-Cristobal

  • Costume Design: Lily Prentice

  • Prop Design: Hollie Pryor

  • Sound Design: Sam Rapaport

  • Assistant Stage Manager: Mallory Topel

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