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The Thin Place

Lucas Hnath

Everyone who ever died is still here, just in a different part of here. Linda can communicate with them. And if you believe, she can make you hear them, too — in The Thin Place, the fragile boundary between our world and the other one.

The Thin Place


  • Hilda — Phoebe Parker

  • Linda— Maureen Butler*

  • Sylvia — Courtney Cook

  • Jerry— Michael Grew*

*Member of Actors' Equity Association


  • Artistic Director: Dave Register

  • Managing Director: Jennifer London

  • Associate Artistic Director: Lauren Stockless

  • Production Stage Manager: Jennifer London

  • Assistant Stage Managers: Emily Paruk and Parker Hough

  • Technical Director: Peter Bloom

  • Casting Director: Kendall Cooper

  • Set Design & Illusions: Skylar Fox

  • Lighting Design: Mary Lana Rice

  • Costume Design: Savannah Irish

  • Prop Design: Jared Mongeau

  • Sound Design: Sam Rapaport and Nathan Speckman

  • Photo and Video: Doroga Media

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